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This section details the Preferences options. This is located under the Wirecast dropdown menu on a Mac or the File dropdown menu on Windows. These options are for customizing and licensing the application.

NOTE: To reset your preferences, quit Wirecast then go to the following location and delete all indicated files:

Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Vara Software/Wirecast Preferences [delete all]
Windows: C:\Program Data\Telestream Folder\ [delete all XML files]




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genneralPref.png prefs_general.jpg


Open last document on startup

When checked, the last document you used will be opened when Wirecast starts up.

Use Checkerboard in Shot Editor

When checked, a checkerboard background is shown in the Shot Editor to indicate the absence of color in the area where it is displayed. Checked is the default.

Feedback Detection

When checked, the computer audio is disabled whenever feedback is detected (live feed is unaffected). Checked is the default.

When feedback is detected, the following warning is displayed with an option to turn off feedback detection:




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PerfPerf.png prefPerf.png
Performance preferences enable you to select the display rate used for all internal video
rendering. You can select either 25/PAL or 30 fps. If using PAL sources, choosing 25 may
eliminate dropped or duplicate frames.
You can turn on the Live Icons feature, which makes all icons in the Shot Area display
any live activity in the device it represent (cameras, streaming, etc.). You can also set the
FPS of the Live Icon display using the slide bar control.
Note: Live Icons can affect the response time in Wirecast due to the additional use of system resources. If you notice slower response time, you can disable the Live Icons by unchecking the box.




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pref lic mac 5.bmp Pref lic win 5.bmp


This section is used for registering your Wirecast license to activate your purchased features. If there is no license registered, Wirecast will function in demo mode.

Note: If you are upgrading from version 4, you may see your version 4 license in the license field. Since version 5 is a paid upgrade from version 4, your Wirecast will operate in demo mode until you upgrade to version 5 and receive a version 5 license.

See Registration

Software Update


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pref update mac 5.bmp pref update win 5.bmp


Automatically check for updates

Check to have Wirecast connect to the Telestream website each time you launch the application to determine if software updates are available. No personal information is transferred to Telestream during this action.

Check Now

Click to immediately check if Wirecast is up to date. No personal information is transferred to Telestream during this action.



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pref adv mac 5.bmp Vertical sync.jpg


Use High Quality Video

Check to control the quality of the decode performed on your source media files.

Your media must be decoded before being broadcast, and this setting controls how Wirecast performs decoding.

If CPU usage is nearing 95%, or the frames per second (FPS) number is consistently well below your target, try turning off Use High Quality Video.

Render using YUV colorspace in the GPU

On appropriate hardware, Wirecast can gain significant speed improvements by using your graphics card to pre-process frames before sending them to the encoders.

You should leave this option checked unless you experience issues with your encoded output.

Disable Vertical Sync (Windows only)

Wirecast usually synchronizes its video display with the refresh rate of your display, however this degrades performance when the Wirecast program window is not visible due to the screen being locked, Wirecast being minimized or the Wirecast UI being covered by another application. In order to avoid frame drop in these situations, choose "Disable Vertical Sync". The disadvantage of the option is that disabling the synchronization can interfere with the smooth display of video in the Wirecast UI, it won't however have any negative effects on our broadcast.

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