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Desktop Presenter

Last modified 11:00, 9 Aug 2013

The Desktop Presenter is a utility application that enables Wirecast to broadcast the desktop of any computer. This is a separate utility application that is provided free with Wirecast.

NOTE: Desktop Presenter does not support audio streaming from Windows XP and will only stream video. To capture the audio from a Windows XP system, it will have to be routed to the Wirecast machine in a different way, such as an audio cable running out of the desktop presenter machine and into the Wirecast machine. This is a more advanced set up and is not recommended to new users of Wirecast for YouTube. 

See Streaming Audio in Windows XP


Downloading Desktop Presenter




Desktop Presenter can be downloaded from Telestream here.

Click the Mac or Windows download link, save the installer to your computer, then run the Installer and follow the instructions.




Selecting Desktop Presenter


Desktop Presenter is normally auto-detected by Wirecast and is automatically added to the list of sources.




However, if a DTP is not detected, or if you want to add one in a remote location you can manually add it by selecting Sources > New Presenter from the menu in the main window.

You can then setup the presenter in the Sources Settings window by entering an IP address of the target computer, optionally checking the With Audio checkbox, and clicking Apply.




NOTE: When a Desktop Presenter has been auto-detected, the IP Address field is disabled.


Using Desktop Presenter


For instructions on how to use the Desktop Presenter application, see Using Desktop Presenter.




Desktop Presenter frame rate and quality can be adjusted through Wirecast Preferences.

See Preferences.




Listed below are several typical applications of Desktop Presenter.

Lecture Hall/Board Room: If a lecturer installs Desktop Presenter on a laptop, you can broadcast their Keynote or Powerpoint presentation directly from that laptop. If the lecturer is demonstrating something using the laptop (like a 3D graphical animation), Wirecast can also broadcast this to viewers. Other programs including Excel also work perfectly with Desktop Presenter, allowing the speaker to spontaneously refer to data without having to create new slides.

Training: As part of a training broadcast, you can switch to a live application to show exactly how to perform a particular action on a computer. This saves the laborious step of having to create screen shots of every minute detail.

Demonstration: You can demonstrate your business process, software, or hardware, as part of a presentation. This can be done any time during a presentation by switching directly to the application program.

NOTE: Video games can be captured, but make sure your computer has sufficient speed and memory capacity. 


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